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Benefits of Working with Us
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There are 3 questions that 99% of customers ask when they consider a research company and a marketing services provider:

  • Are you able to find an excellent solution for my tasks?
  • How can I benefit from working with you?
  • Whats the price of your services?

You can find more about our pricing policies here.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Comfortable conditions of work. «Customer focus» is not just a vague word for us; it is the only style of partnership with clients acceptable for our team. It distinguishes us from many competitors and make your partnership with us comfortable and safe!

  • Thorough case investigation. Interests of our client come first for us! In every project we carefully analyze the situation and select an optimal solution corresponding to clients tasks, available time and budget.

  • Flexibility. We are a small company and this is one of our competitive advantages! We are not bound with strict frameworks of business processes: efficiency and flexibility are the key elements of our work.

  • Responsibility for results. We withdraw from researches credibility and quality of which we can not guarantee. The team of competent specialists, thorough preparation and responsible approach to execution of every stage of a project allow us to assure high quality of researches we perform. Co-operation with us gives you assurance that tasks you set will be solved properly.

  • Transparency of all project stages. While working on a project, we keep our clients updated with information about research progress and current situation. We let you keep your finger on the pulse of project events and you will always have an answer to the question: «How is the research progressing?».

  • Convenient form project reports. The following reports are a must for any research we perform:

    • Top-line — express report in a table form, which is provided in 2-3 days after finishing the field stage of a project.
    • Analytical report — detailed description of research results given according to assigned research objectives in form of conclusions, suggestions and recommendations, tables, diagrams and charts.
    • Research Results Presentation and discussion of the outcomes with clients representatives.

It is safe and comfortable to work with us! And our clients testimonials are the best confirmation of this fact.

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