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Our customers Extracts from testimonial letters
Management company «Adamant» — the leader of commercial real estate market of Saint-Petersburg

… Specialists of marketing and advertising department of Management company «Adamant» would like to note the responsible and professional approach of Infowave company employees to the client’s tasks solving…
Management company «Adamant» is satisfied with cooperation and recommends the Research company Infowave as a market research advisor.

Head of marketing department
Aleksey Starovoitov
«Knauf»  — the world’s largest manufacturer of building materials

… Working on our research projects the employees of Infowave company approved themselves professionals, possessing knowledge of effective research methods, which are able to plan and realize complex projects effectively, meeting high requirements of our company.

Head of marketing and advertising department
I. À. Eremkina
«Colliers International» — the leading commercial real estate consultant.

The company «Colliers International» thanks the employees of Infowave company for efficiency and quality of realized marketing researches in the real estate sphere, and the company’s management — for flexibility and willingness to meet the customer’s wishes.
...We recommend Infowave company as a responsible and professional executor of research projects.

Senior consultant
Nikolay Kazanskiy
«Balt-audit-exprt» — the leading audit-consulting company of the North-West of Russia.

Data collected and analyzed by Infowave company, have undergone strict control, which confirmed actuality of collected information and conclusions made on its basis.
We would like also to note high efficiency and excellent level of quality...

Director of investment projects department
À. À. Kalashnikov
«Lenstroitrest» company is among 5 largest construction companies of Saint-Petersburg.

....The report contains professionally collected and processed actual information according to the all main characteristics, the customers are guided by while choosing the dwelling.
This report is extremely useful for our company.
Marketing department
Head of marketing and advertising division
N. N. Ovsyukhno

«Home Credit» bank — one the leaders of the Russian consumer crediting.

… Marketing department of «Home Credit and Finance Bank» highly appreciates the approach of Infowave company to work with clients and the quality of the provided materials, which fully conform to the standards accepted in Western companies.
We kindly thank You for cooperation and will be glad to new projects!

Marketing department
Market research manager
Julia Makarenko
«Kronshtadtsky meat processing plant» — the leading enterprise on the meat product market in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region.

We highly appreciate the results of research of sausage products market in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region, executed by Your company. The obtained data give a detailed description of competitive situation on retail trade market and are very valuable for adjustment of our marketing efforts for the near future.
The marketing department kindly thanks You for the professional work, meeting the high requirements of our company, and wishes You success and prosperity.

Head of marketing department
Olga Simanenkova
Construction company «Stroimontage» — one of the leaders of residential construction market of Saint-Petersburg.

… For the time of cooperation by joint efforts we have successfully accomplished a number of researches. The obtained results deserve appreciation and are used by the corporation «Stroimontage» for making strategic and tactical decisions. We can recommend the Research company as a partner for conducting marketing researches.

Head of research and analytics department
P. V. Sokolov
«Pobeda LSR» — the largest manufacturer of ceramic bricks in Russia.

....Information, prepared according to the results of interviews, allows to develop marketing policy on the basis of reliable data.

Commercial director
Â. À. Dyrdasov
Newspaper network «Moi rayon» — one of the leaders among news editions in Saint-Petersburg.

...specialists of Infowave company have successfully managed the assigned task. In spite of the strict time frames the necessary results were provided on schedule; information represented in the report corresponds fully to the assigned tasks and is necessary and sufficient for managerial decisions making.
Special attention deserves the high quality of information presentation and report execution, what makes the work easy and effective.

Marketing director
Alexandra Skachkova
Trade mark «Shef povar».

...the work of managers, recruiters, interviewers and analysts was organized competently... On every stage we felt entire understanding of our tasks and support of the company’s specialists.

Marketing specialist
Igor Goryunov
Consulting company «GVA Sawyer» — one of the leaders of real estate management market of Russia.

…specialists of the research company Infowave have executed the work at high professional level. The necessary results of research were delivered in time and the report corresponds with the assigned tasks, being intelligible and informative.

Director of Saint-Petersburg branch
N. I. Sapova
Saint-Petersburg branch of «Doka International» company — leader of the formwork systems market in Russia.

We are completely satisfied with obtained results and are glad to recommend the Research company as a reliable supplier of marketing services…

Director of Saint-Petersburg branch
G. V. Syromyatnikov
«Ekokhim» — the leading manufacturer of chemical products and laboratory equipment.

…we kindly thank You for careful and responsible approach to development of economic justifications of new products introduction projects.
...We highly appreciate the qualification of Your employees and are ready to recommend You company as experts on business plans and economic justifications development.

Commercial director
V. Î. Arapov
Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce: promotion of business connections between Russian and Finnish companies.

...Infowave company is the main subcontractor of Saint-Petersburg representation of SVKK on marketing research and information preparing for the Chamber’s marketing projects on request of Finnish companies.

International projects manager
Olga Makeeva
Industrial group «Soyuz» — the leading manufacturer of materials for furniture and construction industry.

...You have perfectly managed all the tasks set by our company, providing results of high quality and within the agreed period. Working with You, I’m always sure, that the results will fully meet my expectations.

Head of analytics department
Anton Chagin
«Ultra star» — the leader of Russian market of technical security means and communication equipment. .

…According to results of cooperation the security systems department of «Ultra-star» company appraised positively the quality of work of «Infowave» company’s specialists...
We should particularly note the high level of reliability of provided data, what was confirmed by the independent expert estimation of research results.

Head of security systems department
Ì. V. Ilyukhin
«Webasto» — the world’s leader of additional automobile equipment market.

… We are glad about the effective cooperation with Infowave company. Due to employees’ professionalism there were create and thoroughly worked out the base of our potential clients, gained valuable information, which will afterwards, as we hope, bring good results.

Regional representative in North-West region
Alexandr Petrov
Network «Chainaya lozhka» — one of the fast food market leaders in the North-West region of RF.

Cooperation with the research company Infowave has brought not only quality data, but also the most positive emotions.

In addition to individual approach to our task, we were surprised by efficiency and preciseness of the work of Infowave company’s specialists.

Analyst of operative marketing department
Eduard Lukyanov
Exhibition company «Restek» — the largest exhibition organizer in the North-West region.

… We were favorably impressed by the responsible and professional approach of Infowave company to solution of the assigned task. Due to thorough elaboration of each research stage, as a result of survey there was obtained information valuable for the exhibition organizer, as well as for its participants…

Head of marketing, advertising and PR division of furniture-interior and forestry exhibitions direction
Î. Î. Prudnikov
Development company «Dekra» — the leading participant of Moscow construction market.

…specialists of Infowave company have showed comprehensive and systematic approach to project planning and execution, knowledge of effective research methods, ability to solve successfully non-standard marketing tasks, as well as excellent results presentation.
The results have met our expectations in full.

General director
S. F. Semenov
«Keramicheskiy ray» — the leading participant of Saint-Petersburg ceramic tale market.

…Conclusions and advices worked out due to the expert estimation allow our company to repair the number of existing defects in order to raise the company’s competitiveness on the market. The company «Keramicheskiy ray» kindly thanks the specialists, which took part in assessment of the company’s exhibition shop activity, for efficiency, professionalism, creative approach and understanding …

Commercial director
R. V. Bendikayte
«Intertrakt» company: warehousing and additional services.

...the Results, obtained during the study of perspectives of commercial use of our owned territory, have significantly eased the process of decision making in respect of its further use and reduced possible risks.

General director
À. I. Smirnova
Trade-exhibition complex «Stroimaterialy — XXI vek» — one of the largest exhibitions of goods for renovation and interior.

…We would like to express our sincere thanks to Your company for the perfectly executed marketing research. The most valuable for us were Your perspective and original proposals on optimization of our work.

Ju. Ju. Sokolova
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