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Marketing research
Marketing research for investment feasibility
Marketing consultancy
"First ascertain; then decide".

When asking a marketing research firm to find out whether an investment project is feasible, the investor will typically say something like this: We would like to invest in a shopping mall (a sports arena, an amusement facility, etc.), or a store (restaurant, gym, etc.). What kind of property do you think we should build or purchase to ensure payback and maximize the returns?

To tackle a project of this kind, we typically go through the following stages:

Project profile

    Detailed account of the customers project concept

Pinpointing the field of research

    Identifying the market or markets to be researched for the project; determining the projects key factors of success

The marketing research process

    An exhaustive research of the target market or markets to find out how their anticipated performance may affect the projects chances of success

Data processing

    Collected findings are analyzed, and an opinion is issued as to the projects feasibility


    A set of recommendations on how to proceed with the project

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