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Marketing research
Marketing research for investment feasibility
Marketing consultancy
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Our company specializes in information and analytical support of operational and strategic marketing decisions for large and medium-size companies.

Services we provide:

  • marketing research;
  • marketing analysis of investment projects;
  • information marketing service;
  • mystery shopping;
  • marketing consulting.

Here you will find information about services and prices, as well as description of our expertise:

The main types of our services which are in demand by Russian and foreign companies from various fields of activities are represented in this section.

If you are interested in any of the services listed below please do not hesitate to contact us for expert advice or consultation.

Research and marketing services of our company Our customers Our clients
Information marketing and research services for FMCG, retail services markets.
  • Consumer goods and services producers and suppliers of
  • Retail & horeca
  • Kronshtadtsky meat processing plant,
    Information marketing and research services industry markets, goods and B2B services.
  • Manufacturers of industrial goods
  • Distributors
  • Dealers
  • B2B Services Providers
  • KNAUF,
    The Industrial Group «Souz»,
    Vileda Professional
    Geomarketing, commercial and residential real estate research services.
  • Investors
  • Developers
  • Consultants
  • Managing companies
  • Trade networks
  • Retail & horeca
  • Stroimontage,
    Colliers International,
    GWA Sawyer,
    Information marketing and research services for shopping and entertainment malls.
  • Investors
  • Developers
  • Consultants
  • Managing companies
  • Adamant,
    Nevsky Alliance,
    Hypercenter SPb
    Research and marketing analysis of investment projects.
  • Any company, planning business development
  • Consulting companies
  • Audit and appraisal companies
  • Business consultants
  • Stroitelny trest 20,
    Center project expertise
    Branding and advertising research.
  • Branding and advertising agencies
  • Creative and design studios
  • Alcor
    Field research in Saint-Petersburg (subcontracting).
  • Research companies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Kontakt Expert,
    NVM Marketing
    Russian market entry support for foreign companies (research, databases, telemarketing).
  • Chambers of commerce and industry
  • Embassies of foreign countries
  • External markets advisor
  • Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce,
    Oy East Trade Promotion Ltd

    A list of possible tasks relating to research and analysis objectives is represented in the table below.

    In you have any specific problem or case please contact us and will be glad to discuss your problem and find the most effective way to solve it for you.

    Object Tasks
    Market, industry field
  • Estimation of market size and dynamics, changes projection.
  • Analysis of market conditions and entry barrier.
  • Identification of factors, affecting market development.
  • Determination of industry branch life cycle.
  • Market segmentation.
  • Determination of attractive market niches.
  • Creation and update of databases of market players.
  • Monitoring of industry branch news and market players.
  • Content analysis of mass media.
  • Substantiation of investments.
  • Territory, place, land property
  • Highest and best use analysis of a land property: evaluation of location, transport accessibility, local environment and adjacent territories, development prospects of local environment and adjacent territories, current competitive situation and prospects of its change, aggregative analysis of financial and economic indicators of land property use options.
  • Evaluation of customer traffic, calculation of number of potential clientswhich live in areas of accessibility.
  • Demand forecast by various methods of land use.
  • Research of current and anticipated sale and rent rates of territories for various type of development.
  • Consumers, customers, visitors
  • Determination of characteristics of target groups, detection of perspective consumer segments.
  • Research of social and demographic portrait of consumers.
  • Study of consumer preferences, expectations, motivation and behavior models, characteristics of demand for specific companies, brands, goods.
  • Evaluation of market players position (publicity, awareness) in consumers consciousness.
  • Evaluation of consumer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Determination of channels for product (company) information search.
  • Competitors, market players
  • Market share evaluation of a company and its competitors.
  • Analysis of competitors marketing strategy: consumer target audience, positioning, elements of marketing mix.
  • Competitors analysis, market players records: product assortment, production volumes, main suppliers, supply channels, conditions of supply, contact points.
  • Monitoring of competitors promotions.
  • Competitors price monitoring.
  • Brand, trademark
  • Evaluation of trademark awareness.
  • Evaluation of consumer brand loyalty.
  • Product, object, service name testing
  • Brand testing (image, sounding, writing, associations).
  • Testing of conformity degree of product name and its positioning concepts.
  • Product, good, service
  • Determination of consumer attitude towards product.
  • Characteristics of product demand, specifics of choice and consumption.
  • Product positioning mapping.
  • Testing of product flavor, product or service use convenience.
  • Packaging testing (use convenience, design, characteristics, associations).
  • Price
  • Estimation of consumer perception of price and quality conformity.
  • Testing of product optimal price.
  • Price monitoring for wholesale and retail channels.
  • Sales, distribution
  • Estimation of companys and its competitors distribution level.
  • Research of merchandizing instruments use in retail outlets, competitors benchmarking.
  • Creation of retail outlets databases, update of basic information (location, form, volume, average bill etc.).
  • Promotion, advertising
  • Determination of consumer target group and its characteristics.
  • Development of promotion and market entry strategy.
  • Testing of advertisement message and advertising materials.
  • Efficiency analysis of an advertising campaign.
  • Service, personnel
  • Audit of corporative standards compliance in employees behavior, speech, dress, interaction with consumers (politeness, assertiveness in offer of a product, persuasiveness).
  • Detecting of shortcomings in work of managers, consultants, sellers, customer service.

  • We use the whole arsenal of research methods and instruments for solving our clients marketing cases:

    • desk research (secondary information collection and analysis);
    • quantitative methods;
    • quality methods;
    • mixedmethods.

    Research methods we use

    You can find detailed information about research methods we use in articles prepared by our specialists:

    • «Methods of marketing research», «Reklamodatel» magazine ( 08, 2003)
    • «Comparative analysis of information analytical systems of open information resources processing», «Marketing i marketingovye issledovaniya» ( 03, 2007)
    • «Tips formarket researches while working with secondary data», magazine «Industrialy i b2b marketing» ( 01, 2008)
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