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Marketing research
Marketing research for investment feasibility
Marketing consultancy
Retail Trade and Services, Commercial Facilities
  • Analysis of trade and entertainment centerís visitors
    There was accomplished the research of visitors of the shopping and entertainment center «Kontinent»

    In the course of research the specialists of «Infowave» company have interviewed over 400 visitors of the shopping center «Kontinent» in order to compile the visitors profile, identify consumer preferences, peculiarities of consumer behavior and estimate the satisfaction with shopping center visiting. Gained information allowed the Customer to estimate the effectiveness of the shopping center «Kontinent» promotion and develop a new promotion program.
  • Evaluation of advertising campaign effectiveness
    There was made an evaluation of effectiveness of advertising campaign for the shopping center «Balkaniya Nova»

    In the course of research the specialists of «Infowave» company have interviewed over 500 visitors of the shopping mall; basing on the poll data there was compiled the profile of «Balkaniya Nova» visitors, described peculiarities of buyers behavior and consumer preferences and identified the main competitors of the shopping mall. Gained data allowed the Customer to estimate the effectiveness of the current promotion program and served as a basis for a new promotion program development.
  • Analysis of characteristics of the shopping center visitors
  • Evaluation of the marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Analysis of Saint-Petersburg inhabitantsí demand for services of the city shopping centers
  • Series of surveys of large shopping mallsí visitors
  • Retail market of semi-finished food products
  • Search for potential business partners for a food products manufacturer among retail chains
  • Study and evaluation of furniture storesí work
  • Performance evaluation of the sanitary ware and ceramic tile store
  • Interviewing of visitors of trade and exhibition complex «Stroimaterialy — XXI vek»
  • Survey of catering establishments visitors
  • Survey of customers of large-format retail outlets (hypermarkets)
  • Survey of sports goods consumers and elaboration of development strategy for a sports store
  • Food products market and analysis of large-format retail objects
  • Market of integrated non-residential premises

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