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Marketing research
Marketing research for investment feasibility
Marketing consultancy
Real Estate and Construction
  • Research of cottage construction market
    Research of cottage construction market in Leningrad region

    The research objective was evaluation of investment attractiveness of the land property, intended for construction of a cottage community. In the course of research there was carried out complex supply analysis and developed recommendations for the developer.
  • Research of low-rise construction market
    Research of low-rise construction market in Saint-Petersburg

    In the course of research the specialists of «Infowave» company have conducted several tens of in-depths interviews with inhabitants and potential buyers of town houses. There were determined the main characteristics of demand for town houses dwelling, detected shortcomings and remarks to the first projects, implemented in Saint-Petersburg. There were also tested the concepts of planning solutions and house land plots design (lawn, parking, yard, ...).
  • Research of capital construction market
  • Sampling study of Saint-Petersburg housing complexes
  • Sampling study of Saint-Petersburg parkings
  • Research of foreign real estate market (cottages for part-time residence)
  • Review of the market of multi-storied parkings
  • Study of potential buyers of low-rise country dwelling
  • Series of researches of the market of residential property under construction
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