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Marketing research
Marketing research for investment feasibility
Marketing consultancy
Geomarketing Researches
  • Highest and best use analysis of a land property or a real estate object
    Marketing and economic highest and best use analysis of a land property and real estate object in Moscow region

    In the course of the project we have used the authors model of key success factors for a real estate object. The source data for this model was: results of a complex research of a land propertys location characteristics, information on development perspectives of the city and nearest districts, current and perspective competitive situation.

  • Analysis of land propertys location for construction of a shopping and entertainment center

    In the course of research there was collected and analyzed information on the district and microdistrict in the aspect of base marketing characteristics. As research objects we have considered: potential consumers and competitors of the planned shopping and entertainment center, transport infrastructure and prospects of its development.
    The obtained information served the Customer as a basis for decision making in respect of expediency of the sopping and entertainment center construction on the chosen land property.

  • Selection of the most perspective land use options
  • Estimation of expediency of opening a grocery store in one of settlements in Leningrad region
  • Estimation of expediency of opening a restaurant and forecast of potential demand in the researches place
  • Research of warehousing property of Saint-Petersburg and formulation of concept of the warehouse base development
  • Estimation of expediency of hypermarkets construction on selected territories, forecasting of demand
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