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At first, investigate what's near you; then, what's far

We conduct our marketing research in north-western Russia.

Why this narrow geography? In order to ensure that our clients receive accurate and credible information, we very rarely outsource any part of our engagement, and in those rare cases we make sure we can closely monitor their performance.

This is why, not having the advantage of a nationwide network of subsidiaries or rep offices, our firm is not so able to conduct nationwide market research. Our ambition is, first and foremost, to provide information of a guaranteed high quality. Pursuing wider geographic coverage too soon, we would put our credibility at stake.

This does not mean we have no plans for geographic expansion. We do, and weТre working on boosting our market presence.

For reference, the North-Western Federal District consists of:

  • St. Petersburg
  • Arkhangelsk Region
  • Vologda Region
  • Kaliningrad Region
  • Leningrad Region
  • Murmansk Region
  • Nenets Autonomous Area
  • Novgorod Region
  • Pskov Region
  • Republic of Karelia
  • Republic of Komi
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